Your life is changing in dramatic ways. Your body, your emotions, your routine--all different. Therapy is about self-exploration, self-acceptance, and self-care. When everything becomes about making a baby, growing a baby, or raising a baby, take some time to check in on yourself. You are worth it.

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Support Groups

You can't do this alone. Deepen your connections with others going through the same joys and struggles. Parenting is a team sport. Come offer your experiences as wisdom and receive from others. Make friends. Maybe even have some fun.

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Community Play Space

Imagine a space where your kids can play with their friends while you see yours. Parents leading stroller walks, art lessons, reading groups, and sing-alongs. You each bring something to the community. We all benefit. Let's parent together rather than in isolation.

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Birth and Postpartum Doula Services

Birth can be an incredibly empowering experience. Know your options and choices. Get compassionate, continuous support for you and any other members of your birth team. Reach out for support after baby arrives. 

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Detroit is for families.

Intertwined is about connecting families with needed support as they grow. We offer therapy by a licensed clinical social worker. We offer support and connection groups to learn from each other. We offer a membership-based play space where parents and kids connect and enjoy.

Deepen your roots in this vibrant city we call home. Raise a family here. But don't do it alone.

Take our survey to share your experiences and ideas for a vibrant, needs-meeting community space! 



Next Steps...

Schedule an appointment for therapy. Join a support group. Share ideas for the community play space. See where you fit.

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